QuantumFX interface:

  • Fully customizable, web-based trading platform
  • Access to FIX Gateway or Java API
  • Comprehensive reporting and account management tools

Multiple execution mechanisms:

  • Executable Streaming Prices (ESP)
  • RFQ/RFS for spot, forwards and swaps
  • One-click trading for either RFQ or ESP in anonymous liquidity pool

Multiple order types:

  • Basic order types (IOC, Limit, Stop Limit)
  • Advanced order types (OCO, If-Done, If-Done-OCO, Sliced, Pegged)
  • Multiple Execution Algorithms (TWAP Fixed Time, Fixed Slice, Randomized, and more)
  • Workflow support (allocated orders, forward rolls, cancel and rebook, netted orders)


We offer integrated full-service FX solutions for corporations, hedge funds, banks, and high frequency trading institutions.


Please contact a representative today for more information or to try a demo of our platform.

Phone (US):

+1 646 825 5766

Phone (UK):

+44 (0)20 7426 2880